Anders Dickson

Other truths from the party

Wschód, Warsaw
4 - 25 September, 2021


Wschód is pleased to present “Other truths from the party”, a second solo show with the gallery by American artist Anders Dickson.

‘Other truths from the party’ attempts to navigate the tradition of the birthday party while also focusing upon latent themes that are disguised by the decoration.

The exhibition is divided over two rooms and presents a series of photographs, sculptures and a video installation. In the film “party lines” a birthday party as it is recounted by two characters. The discussed event is mirrored by the two figures’ apparent inaccuracy at remembering it correctly. Their conversation not only reveals that neither remembers the party but also frames for consideration how false memory recall and confabulated experiences leads to alter- native histories. Both figures talk about one guest who vehemently attempted to push their political views on the others. This person’s conspiratorial beliefs stem from Q-anon and underline the dangerous malleability of facts in the hands of political powers.

While the birthday party is meant as a joyous event, we can discover vulgar and even violent undercurrents present in some rituals evoked by the celebration. Pinning the tail on the donkey is a game where blind-folded players pin the severed limb back on to the animal. Pinatas take a beating with sticks and bats; and then there’s all of this blowing on cakes to distinguish candles…

In the front exhibition space the displayed works are detached from context and invite one to contemplate their utility, origin and making. While the party rituals are clearly depicted, the hand-made quality of these ubiquitous party favors and domestic furniture emerges subtly, before allowing for it’s weird quality to again submerge under the mask of a ready-made. Behind this disguise of an upsettingly mundane appearance the alien stalks and quietly guides our routines.