Jan Domicz

Domicz, Domicz

Wschód, Warsaw
3 March - 31 March, 2018



Wschód is pleased to announce the first solo show of Jan Domicz – not only at the gallery but also in Warsaw.

“What kind of film would I have to be in order to become simultaneously a moving image and a building, an object in space? To make things easier, the narrator describes the film not as a moving image in time, but a moving image in space. The point of contact for the language of architecture and film is narration. This relationship is used to present characters. The narrator connects. The narrator pronounces the words written by the author, just as the builder builds the building according to the plans of the architect. The text/scenario/drawing/model are the means of performing a specific work […]

Extract from the artist’s newest video “Construction”

Jan Domicz (1990) – author of objects, videos, spatial installations. Graduate of University of Arts in Poznań and Staedelschule in Frankfurt am Main. His works were exhibited in MMK in Frankfurt am Main, CCA Castle Ujazdowski, Institute of Avant-garde, District Berlin and Karlin Studios in Prague, SPREEZ in Munich among others. Lives and works in Warsaw / jandomicz.com