Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Christopher Culver, Harry Gould Harvey IV, Gizela Mickiewicz, Marina Xenofontos

New Memories

ECHO, Cologne
21 January - 5 March, 2022

Bureau, Hot Wheels Athens, LC Queisser, Stereo, and Wschód move to Cologne. Spread between New York, Athens, Tbilisi, and Warsaw, they come together to collaborate in ways they can’t apart. To share a space like this suggests a sort of cohabitation; a pooling of resources and communal decision making, but also a leap of faith, trust, and commitment. Their partnership entails a cross examination of each other and their models of operation. Although demanding, this process can facilitate novelty and experimentation. In the act of moving in, each of the five galleries is encouraged to offer and receive, both between themselves and collectively, and by extension Cologne. Each will be presenting one solo show, and together three group shows: one to start the program, one in the summer, and one in the fall.


And from Wschód, two newest drawings by American artist Christopher Culver will be exhibited for the first time. A vast and eclectic array of imagery in Culver’s works begin with snapshot photography – a pictorial journal of daily voyeuristic experience of things, and relations between things. Using only charcoal on unframed pieces of paper the artist creates almost phantom images that skew the familiar, creating a feeling of endless repetition, emptiness. Immersive environments emerging from Culver’s drawings trigger a sense of distance creating uncanny, enigmatic scenes abstracted from the artist’s internal, domestic and / or civic experience.