Emily Peacock, Julie DeVries, Steven Evans, Cezary Poniatowski, Piotr Janas, Mikołaj Moskal, Kazuki Matsushita, Michi Suwa, Noriko Kamikubo

Onsen Confidential

Kayokoyuki, Tokyo
10 - 25 September, 2022

Onsen Confidential is a hybrid city-wide gallery share and natural hot spring retreat / conference. The project is meant to bring together like-minded gallerists in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation and to provide a friendly introduction to the unique context of the contemporary art world of Tokyo.

Sponsored by Ken Kagami, Cafe Sunday, uruotte Utrecht
Special thanks : Hikotaro Kanehira
Travel agent : JTB Media sponsor: Contemporary Art Library
Initiated by Jeffrey and Misako Rosen, COBRA


Wschód together with Jonathan Hopson (Huston, US) is hosted by KAYOKOYUKI