Cudelice Brazelton IV

Violent Groom

Wschód, Warsaw
4 July - 29 August, 2020



“Hands gloss over you. There’s a flick or a twirl of the finger and you can hear the coil in your head take a snap. It felt so good. The sting of the spray makes your teeth clench, but the thrill remains”

Violent Groom is an exhibition that incorporates modes of painting, collage, sculpture, and site specific work that considers the orifice. These works are not a stand in for a body. They are simply ones that go unseen. Take a look and perhaps they will announce their presence. An announcement to insist on their existence. For you, the viewer. Various materials are used from acrylic, leather, aluminum, paper, ceramic, and hair products to suggest new tools. The surfaces of these works are filled with information. Content that crusted off the body that made them. Unwillingly. Unintentionally. There is a desire to keep things clean, but it often just conflicts with the natural when making the work. You gotta love it. It is who one is.

CJ Brazelton


Cudelice Brazelton (b.1991, Texas, US) – lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, where he currently attends the Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Städelschule in the class of Haegue Yang. His work manipulates fabric, collage, industrial hardware, cosmetic products, and depictions of the black body to explore the durability of distressed forms and surfaces.

Selected solo exhibitions include: Heavy Circuit, Ola Bunker, Frankfurt, Germany, 2020; Selected group, two person exhibitions include: The Decameron, New Release Gallery, New York, 2020; Prune, Shoot The Lobster, New York, 2019; °c, clearview, London, 2018; Le Colt est Jeune & Haine at DOC!, Paris, 2018; In Practice: Another Echo, SculptureCenter, Long Island City, 2018; Bounty, Jeffrey Stark, New York, 2017