13 - 17 October, 2021

Cudelice Brazelton IV
Main Section as part of “Unworlding” curated by Cédric Fauq
13 – 17 October 2021


The Invisible Boutique is a collection of new and previous work by Cudelice Brazelton IV in part of the curated section of Frieze London organized by Cedric Fauq. Unworlding in this case also means unraveling. Incorporating the themes of architectural engagement and fiction building, the piercing works signal towards an unknown establishment.

[…] Focusing on the distinction between skin and flesh, Brazelton explores afterimages of a form hidden through the crevices of urban environments. Devices constructed of thread, sheet metal, and paper suggest malfunctioned site specific objects. Electrical charges are simulated through magnetism, silver, and glossy painted paper that ornaments the architecture of a given space. Once uninstalled, these mechanical assemblage works burst or shatter, awaiting to be repaired again in a new location, or made into a new model altogether. The signaling of new possibilities and model making are made possible through the use of accessible and discarded detritus that can travel along with the artist to a mobile world. A world enough for a figure […]  – Cudelice Brazelton IV