Will Benedict, Ben Bergis & Ksenia Pedan, Alfred Boman, Mateusz Choróbski, Aleksander Hardashnakov, Reece York

Friend of a Friend

Wschód, Warsaw
7 - 28 April, 2018

“Friend of a Friend” (FOAF) project sees eight important and thriving Warsaw contemporary art galleries (BWA Warszawa, Foksal Gallery Foundation, LETO, Piktogram, Dawid Radziszewski, Raster, Stereo, Wschód) sharing their exhibition spaces with international guests. A dialogue with galleries from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, United States, Switzerland and Great Britain lies at the foundation of group shows featuring Polish and international artists.



Neue Alte Brücke: Will Benedict, Reece York

Union Pacific: Alfred Boman, Ben Bergis & Ksenia Pedan, Aleksander Hardashnakov

Wschod: Mateusz Chorobski